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Contractor handles Hazelton health care

Since November, Seven Corners, an Indiana based company, has served as the comprehensive medical services contractor for Federal Correctional Complex Hazelton in Bruceton Mills.

The company also provides this service for Federal Correctional Institute Morgantown and FCI McDowell – meaning it covers half of West Virginia’s six federal prisons, Seven Corners announced. Hazelton, with it’s 3,300 prisoners, both male and female, is the largest in the state.

Seven Corners isn’t a medical company and doesn’t do anything clinical, explained James Capozzi, senior sales and business development director at Seven Corners. It’s the second largest comprehensive medical services provider in the country and covers 24 of the 90 federal prisons.

“The benefit for the federal government to use companies like us, of which there are only a handful that actually do this, is that the prisons have too much going on at play,” Capozzi said. “They wouldn’t be able to keep up with paying the claims, scheduling, that whole thing. That’s why they instituted this service.”

Seven Corners builds customer health networks with local hospitals and other medical providers to fill the needs of each prison. All a prison has to worry about when using a company like Seven Corners is getting an inmate out the door with an appropriate amount of security, Capozzi said.

If the kind of care an inmate needs isn’t already in the network, Capozzi said the company goes out and gets it.

“If a patient needs a certain amount of care, or a certain level of care, and we don’t have it in our direct network, we’ll go get it and we’ll make it a part of the network,” Capozzi said. “So we’re pretty flexible in that way. We don’t just say, well, this is your network and that’s what it is.”