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Senior Mons needs Santas

Senior Monongalians is looking for Santas for its Santa for Seniors program.

Each senior filled out a wish list with wants and needs and someone who wants to adopt a senior can get a list from the Senior Monongalians Facebook page or by visiting the center at its Mountaineer Mall location, marketing coordinator Vicki Lewis said.  All gifts must be dropped off to Senior Monongalians by 3:45 p.m. Dec. 10. It’s requested the gifts be wrapped and the list attached to the outside.

The program has been run for several years now, Lewis said.

“The seniors are immensely appreciative and just tickled pink, you know, to receive these gifts and know that someone is thinking about them because not all of them have any family around,” Lewis said.

The seniors’ lists mostly ask for clothes, shoes, slippers and the like, but also sometimes have requests for fun items. Lewis said it’s up to each senior to decide what to ask for.

For example senior #61, who has not been adopted, according to the most recent Facebook posts, asked for shirts, pants and slippers under needs and a journal, Zach Williams CD and Christian books under wants. 

Senior #73, also still available, needs razors and elastic pants and suggested the giver “suprise me.”

Senior Mons is also asking for donations of toiletries, including adult pull-ups, wipes, bed pads, new bath or dish towels and blankets “to warm their hearts.”

The seniors receiving the gifts are those who also receive home-delivered meals from Senior Mons and are generally, for one reason or another, homebound, Lewis said.

Lewis said she was thankful for everyone who takes part in the program – be it one of those who do so every year or someone new.

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