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Shoplifting arrest results in multiple charges

MORGANTOWN — Two separate criminal complaints were filed after Monongalia County Sheriff’s and the Morgantown Police Department responded to the CVS Pharmacy at 1000 Pineview Drive for a reported shoplifting that led to several other charges, according to the complaints filed on Nov. 24.

Sheriff’s Deputy Edward Olesh, who filed one of the complaints, said when he arrived on scene he made contact with the accused shoplifter who they later identified as Tesla Marie Hoskins, 30, of Woodland Terrace in Morgantown.  Olesh told Hoskins she needed to pay for her items and leave per the store’s request.

Olesh said Hoskins then checked out, but Olesh and another officer on scene “could still see items in her purse.”  

In the complaint, Olesh said he asked Hoskins for identification and she gave him a West Virginia operator’s license number (OLN) that was not hers.  Hoskins continued to portray the OLN as her own until the other officer on scene was able to identify her as Tesla Hoskins.

Inside Hoskins’ bag, deputies found there was $1,051.35 worth of goods from the store hidden and concealed, the complaint stated.  Upon a search during the arrest, deputies found a piece of folded aluminum with a white powder substance identified by Hoskins as fentanyl.

In a separate criminal complaint, Morgantown Police Officer A.L. Arthurs, stated that Hoskins began to resist officers once they arrived at the police station on Spruce Street in Morgantown.  

According to Arthurs, as Hoskins got out of the patrol vehicle she turned so that her hands were away from the officer.  Arthurs then noticed that Hoskins had slipped the handcuffs off of her wrists and was holding onto them behind her back. 

In the complaint, Arthurs said Hoskins began walking around the front of the patrol car to the opposite side of the officer.  Arthurs ordered Hoskins to stop and grabbed her hands in an attempt to reapply the handcuffs.  Hoskins then turned to face the officer and began resisting.

Hoskins broke away from the officer’s grip and began to run around the patrol vehicle in an attempt to get away from Arthurs, the complaint said.

Arthurs said Hoskins continued to pull away as the officer tried to secure her back into the handcuffs.  

Hoskins also attempted to grab things on the wall and tried to open the sally port door by hitting buttons on the wall.

Hoskins is being held at the North Central Regional Jail on a bond of $25,012.  The complaints made by Olesh and Arthurs charge Hoskins with shoplifting, possession of a controlled substance, obstructing an officer, and attempting to flee from an officer.

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