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Nov. 21 letters to the editor

Sen. Manchin is Charlie Brown’s Lucy

Why can’t Joe Manchin be more like Robert Byrd? Why can’t he bring industry and jobs to our state instead of letting them go? He and his daughter didn’t fight very hard when hundreds of good-paying jobs left Morgantown for India.

I’m tired of hearing him hem and haw and throw up road blocks to the social infrastructure bill. By now, Sen. Byrd would have had the streets paved with gold and everybody would be working for good wages, because they had affordable caregivers.

Why can’t West Virginia be the state that makes batteries and those computer chips that are so sought after now? Shouldn’t our everyday needs for child and elder care and pre-K be met?

I hear Joe Manchin drives a Maserati and lives on a yacht — not like the rest of us who live on land. Perhaps, Millionaire Joe is just out of touch with us average West Virginians.

Lately, he’s been acting like Charlie Brown’s Lucy, pulling his vote away at the last second after claiming he’s considering certain legislation. Turns out the Progressives were right not to trust him. He’s let his party and president down. The most precious commodity we have is our word.

Diane S. Lepley