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Youth Livestock Auction to be held Saturday

KINGWOOD — Buckwheat Festival or no, The Preston County Livestock Association was going to have its Youth Livestock Auction.

That’s because the kids had already bought their animals, or projects, Vice President Tammy Bishoff said. 

“Fortunately, things are happening normally,” she said.

The 79th Buckwheat Festival kicks off Sept. 30.

Alexey Leonard, 18, and Carson Stone, 15, said they are happy things are getting back to normal. Leonard shows goats and Stone shows steers.

County Commission member Samantha Stone, Carson’s mother, said from a parent’s perspective the livestock shows and auction are about more than just selling the animals. It’s about relationships, friends and families coming together and it’s the kids’ time to shine after up to a year working on their project.

“It’s really nice to be out here on the fairgrounds to take on the whole experience,” Stone said.

The auction will be held at 4 p.m. Saturday at the Cow Palace on the Buckwheat Festival grounds.

Market steers, lambs, hogs and goats — all raised as projects by Future Farmers of America and 4-H members — will be sold. There will be 28 goats, 56 lambs, 41 steers and 155 hogs.

The livestock association is also making it so anyone, even those who don’t want to attend the auction because of COVID-19 concerns, can bid. Alternative buying options can be discussed with President Carol Nestor at 304-904-6358.

The shows to determine the champion animal for each species and the overall grand champion, as well as the auction, are being live streamed at

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