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Rotary International certifies Mason-Dixon club

MORGANTOWN — Morgantown Rotary announced the official certification by Rotary International of the Mason-Dixon Rotary Club, a satellite club of Morgantown Rotary.

The club chartered with 17 members, 11 of whom were inducted Wednesday evening by Morgantown Rotary President Sarah Woodrum and Rotary District 7545 District Governor David Cooper.

The event was held at the Mason-Dixon Historical Park, where the club will meet at 6 p.m. the second Tuesday of each month.

According to Mason-Dixon Rotary chair, Vanessa Price, the club will focus on projects that benefit the community. Members have already completed a school supply collection and distribution, submitted an application to the Adopt-A-Highway program for a section of road for cleanup, are working to secure names of families in need and actively working to support the Clay-Battelle Library in Blacksville.

Woodrum points out that for more than 40 years, Morgantown Rotary has partnered with Clay-Battelle High School in Blacksville offering, among other things, a shadow day for students, as well as scholarships and other support when needed.

“It just made sense,” she said, “that we engage the adults in the community by establishing a Rotary club. These are individuals who were already doing service work providing volunteer hours and financial support for a variety of projects. Organizing as a Rotary club reinforces their efforts through networking, training opportunities and grant programs.”

The club is an example of Rotary’s new Innovative Clubs initiative. District Innovative Clubs chair, Rebecca Hunn, said that Innovative Clubs focuses on club structures that are more flexible and more affordable. The emphasis is on projects rather than meetings. These kinds of clubs are designed to accommodate younger people with busy schedules, but who still want to be engaged in their communities and give back.

To find out more about Mason-Dixon Rotary or the Innovative Clubs initiative, contact Rebecca Hunn at

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