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Welcome to the Mon County Market Snapshot brought to you by White Diamond Realty

Detached Home Sales

  • 25.4% Increase in Units from 71 to 89
  • 79.8% Decrease in Marketing Time from 84 Days to 17
  • 716.6% Increase in Sales Price from $298,066 to $347,448

Attached Home Sales

  • 39.1% Increase in Units from 23 to 32
  • 64.2% Decrease in Marketing Time from 53 Days to 19
  • 126.9% Increase in Sales Price from $178,373 to $226,395

Current Market

  • 190 Active Residential Properties
  • 242 Contingent Residential Properties
  • 2.95 Months Inventory = Seller’s Market


  • The percentage changes are much higher than last month, while the unit numbers are lower.
  • We are still in a unique market, but the current inventory continues to project a potential balance.
  • The competitive nature of the market is waning, but still very much a challenge to navigate.

Further Thoughts

I find the numbers very interesting this month. The closed statistics reflect the market in June which is typically when we start to slow down. The number of units most certainly reflect the slow down as compared to last month’s numbers, but the drastic percentage changes are indicative of how very different we are from a ‘typical’ market. Despite that significant change, the current market numbers are nearly identical to those I pulled last month. Hopefully this continues to illustrate the balance I mentioned, but time will tell. The real estate market is a wheel that is ever turning, so we’ll just have to hold on and see where it takes us.

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