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Battle of Blair Mountain Art Exhibit

One of the art pieces on display at the Battle of Blair Mountain Art Exhibit at the Monongalia Arts Center.

“Pray For The Dead, Fight Like Hell For The Living” is now on display at Monongalia Arts Center. The exhibit, for which there was an opening reception Friday, commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Blair Mountain.

The battle was a seminal event in the history of the American labor movement, and a quintessential event in West Virginia history in which 10,000 armed coal miners fought for their right to unionize.

To honor the memory of this event, artwork from artists around the state, with the Battle of Blair Mountain and the Coal Wars as the main theme, is part of the exhibit.

During  the public reception, Lackawanna Longnecks, Emmy of the Mountains, and the JAMSACs performed.

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Artist Jennifer Rampel poses in front of her artwork

An oil on canvas by Artist Genny Zbach called ‘Spector of the Coalfields’

A ceramics piece by artist Jamie Lester called “In The Blood”