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Blacksville VFD Gears Up

Members of the Blacksville Volunteer Fire Department are better equipped to do their jobs, thanks in part to Northeast Natural Energy. 

Kevin Wilson, VFD chief, said the department recently purchased 10 sets of gear, which include boots,helmets, coats, pants and gloves, with a donation from Northeast as well as money collected from fundraisers. Each set costs roughly $3,500. 

“Most of our operations are between Blacksville and Fairview, and they reached out to us in December and said they needed assistance,” said Andy Travis, manager of environmental health and safety for Northeast. 

“It makes sense for us to support them when they need it, as they are the ones who are on call to help us if something would ever arise.” 

Wilson said the new gear means firefighters will be safer, not just because it is more up-to-date than the 13-year old gear it replaced, but because it is high visibility, meaning that when firefighters are on roadways, drivers can see them more clearly at night.

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Blacksville’s new firetruck

A closeup of new helmets, boots and bunker gear

Picture of the new gear in front of Blacksville’s new firetruck

Interior of Blacksville’s new firetruck