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Westover council discusses budget revisions

WESTOVER – Westover City Council met Monday night and discussed the city’s budget for the coming fiscal year, which was subject to proposals for revision at the meeting.  

Finance Director for the City of Westover Robin Glover stood before council members and citizens in attendance to propose several revisions to the city’s previously drafted budget.

“[They revisions are] basically to correct the proposed budget for the new year,” Glover said.

In terms of the city’s general fund, Glover suggested increasing the Public Works budget for the new fiscal year. She also proposed the town increase the fire department’s budget by providing it with what remains of the town’s CARES Act funding and decreasing the budget allowed to transportation.

Revisions were also proposed regarding Westover’s coal severance fund, including a decrease in the amount of funds carried over to the new year from last fiscal year and a decrease in expenses to balance the former.

All budget revisions were approved by council.

Glover said another revision would be proposed at council’s next meeting to incorporate the town’s American Rescue Act funding, which totals over $920K, into its budget.

Earlier in the meeting, Westover City Clerk Sandra Weis announced the town would be receiving the American Rescue Act funding.

She said the funds would be placed into a money market account, which offers a favorable interest rate but is accompanied by the stipulation that only six transactions can be made from the account per month.

Westover City Council will meet again Aug. 2.  

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