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Welcome to the Mon County Market Snapshot-brought to you by White Diamond Realty

Detached Home Sales

18% increase in Units from 75 to 89

50% Decrease in Marketing Time from 100 Days to 50

1% Increase in Sales Price from $323,767 to $327,344

Attached Home Sales

33% Increase in Units from 33 to 44

17% Decrease in Marketing Time from 92 Days to 76

4% Increase in Sales Price from $194,355 to $203,294

Current Market

171 Active Residential Properties

327 Contingent Residential Properties

1.7 Months Inventory = Seller’s Market


We are not yet comparing Covid to Covid markets. Closings that happened in April reflect the market in February/March.

The drastic decrease in inventory is a combination of a typical spring selling market and extreme lack of inventory. My hope is the market will open up a bit for buyers as we move further into summer.

Buyers, especially first-time and those in the work force housing price range, are up against a nearly impossible market which is understandably frustrating. 

Further Thoughts

My thoughts have not changed since my last article – now is not the time to ‘panic buy’ or ‘sell opportunistically’. If you have considered changing your space to suit your current needs and own your home, it’s a great time to sell but a rough time to buy so timing and planning is of the essence. You’ll need to work closely with your REALTOR® to be sure you time house hunting, marketing, and closing properly. If you have been thinking about buying and want to take advantage of the rates but aren’t in a hurry, you may want to sit back on your heals for a bit. The rates are not going to change drastically over night as the feds are still nursing our economy back to health. If you can hold off a month or two wait until this cools off a bit. 

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