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Morgantown Police investigating physical altercations; Uber driver speaks out about fight that damaged vehicle

An Uber driver and his passengers were attacked on High Street early Sunday morning.

On Monday, the Morgantown Police Department announced officers responded to a physical altercation at about 3 a.m. Detectives are reviewing video footage and trying to identify people involved in three separate incidents.

“Last night May 9th at around 2:50 AM on High Street in front of The Bank in Morgantown, West Virginia, I was attacked by a mob. I am a Uber driver and they were going after one of my passengers. One person opened my driver side door and threw several punches at me. Another person tried to rip off the door of my car and another person kicked a large dent into one of my car side panels. Now the rear door is misaligned and makes a loud cracking sound when opened,” Uber driver Vincent Kang wrote in a GoFundMe for his damaged vehicle.

Kang told The Dominion Post he has a few bruises on his face and he didn’t sleep for about 30 hours after the incident. He did not go to the hospital.

There are videos from two different angles posted on Kang’s YouTube page. One, filmed across the street from The Bank, shows a woman open the passenger side door of Kang’s car and repeatedly hit the woman inside. The passenger is dragged into the street by her hair and hit several more times.

The woman hitting her runs off and a third woman helps the passenger back into the car, which pulls off shortly after.The second video shows the attack from the driver’s side. The driver’s door is open and a man is seen swinging at Kang.

Kang said he isn’t sure why the fight started, just that they were after his male passenger. However, he said the woman who was pulled out got the worst of it.

Kang plans to continue driving for Uber once his car is repaired but said he’ll be more careful in the future.

“Looking back, I should have just left,” he said. “I should not have stayed there. I should have left the scene as soon as I saw the fight.”

Prior to the passengers getting in, Kang said he saw the man get thrown down in the turning lane in front of Sports Page.

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