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Authorities search for suspect after Pleasant Street shooting

MORGANTOWN — A man was shot in the parking lot of Domino’s on Pleasant Street Thursday afternoon.

He was shot in the shoulder following a dispute with another man, according to the Morgantown Police Department. He was given first aid by first responders and taken to J.W. Ruby Memorial Hospital.

The shooting was reported about 3 p.m.

The suspect is described as a 6-foot-tall white man wearing a red shirt and gray sweatpants. Police said he was last seen running on Cobun Avenue toward the Greenmont neighborhood.

Officers are searching for the suspect, who is not believed to be dangerous.

At 3:39 p.m., a man who identified himself as a cross-country coach asked a police officer if the suspect had been caught because he didn’t want to send the kids “off running.”

“Let’s not today,” an officer said, after telling him an arrest hadn’t been made.

When The Dominion Post arrived on scene one person was being treated in the back of an ambulance, which then left for the hospital.

A group of six people were inside the cordoned off area. One male, wearing black pants and no shirt, appeared to be walking a detective through what happened. No one in the group wished to speak with The Dominion Post.

At least four shots were fired — three shells were in the parking lot and one in the grassy median between the street and sidewalk. The Morgantown Police Department had cones marking all four locations.

A trail of blood started near the shell farthest from the Pleasant Street entrance to Dominio’s and led away. A small patch of blood was on the sidewalk in front of the store.

One witness, who refused to provide his name, said he saw an argument before the shooting but went back inside before it happened. He said yelling and fighting are common in that parking lot.

Tracy Dingess, who lives across the street from Domino’s, said the commotion isn’t worse than what one might see on High Street. “From time to time people will disagree with each other,” he said.

The Domino’s is between Morgantown High School and downtown and a spot people like to hang out, Digness said.

The MPD, Morgantown Fire Department and Mon EMS responded.

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