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Preston Sewer Board moves forward with 13 pumps

KINGWOOD – Work is going forward on a project to replace 13 grinder pumps with a gravity system.

The pumps are located on Pratt and Pleasant streets.

The board is looking to replace the 13 grinder pumps and run new pipe to each of the homes the pumps serve, and implement a gravity system by running a line from the homes to a collection spot off W.Va. 26.

One preliminary estimate placed the cost of removing the pumps at about $368,000.

Thrasher engineering will provide surveying, environmental permitting, design permitting and mapping and design for the project.

According Steven V. Buchannan, Thresher Engineering project engineer, Thrasher will provide horizontal and vertical survey control necessary for the preparation of the mapping and for use by Kingwood in the construction of the project.

 They will survey the location of each individual grinder pump.

 They also will survey the location of the manhole near the intersection of Preston Drive and W.Va. 26, and obtain the invert-in and invert-out elevations.

“The preliminary findings said it would cost in the neighborhood of $30,000 to remove one pump,” Guillot said.

Grinder pumps costs $1,000 each. To get that price, the board has to purchase the pumps in lots of 10.

Sewer Supervisor Nick Wolfe said two town employees are required to check the town’s grinder pumps every day to make sure they are operating correctly. It costs between $700 and $1,000 to replace a pump.

Wolf said the town usually replaces Five to 10 pumps per year.

Buchannan said he would provide the board with a list of materials and their costs at their next meeting.