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PSC encourages online payment to solve problem of late bill deliveries 

CHARLESTON — The Public Service Commission has some advice for utility customers whose bills may have been delivered past the due date: Speak up. 

Customers from many areas in the state have reported delays in receiving  monthly utility bills, which triggers the assessment of late charges. Customers who are concerned   they are being unfairly penalized need to know   the solution is to be proactive.

If a utility bill has not arrived by the time you would normally expect to receive it, contact your utility company. They can give you the information you need to pay the bill in a timely manner.

“Utility companies are aware of the delays and are willing to work with their customers whose bills are delivered late,” said PSC Chairman Charlotte Lane. “If a customer encounters difficulty in working with their utility, the consumer affairs technicians at the Public Service Commission can help them navigate the process.” 

Utility customers are responsible for paying  bills on time, whether they have a physical copy of the bill in hand. Online bill paying makes that easy to do. Most major utilities offer online billing and payment opportunities. The utility will send  an electronic notification, either by text or email, as soon as your bill is posted. You will always know exactly when your bill is due and how much is owed. When you pay online, you receive immediate confirmation  the payment has been posted to your account. This eliminates any concern you might have about bills being delayed in the mail.

The Public Service Commission encourages consumers to take advantage of electronic payment opportunities, especially during these uncertain times. If you run into a problem, always call your utility first. However, if you need the assistance of the commission’s consumer affairs technicians, you can reach them at 1-800-642-8544.

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