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Kingwood Sewer Board wants to replace grinder pumps

KINGWOOD – The Kingwood Sewer Board is considering replacing 13 grinder pumps with a gravity system.

The pumps are located on Pratt and Pleasant streets.

Mayor Jean Guillot said Thrasher Engineering will assess the cost of the project. The project was discussed at Tuesday’s sewer board meeting.

He said one preliminary estimate placed the cost of removing the pumps at  about $368,000.

“The preliminary findings said it would cost  in the neighborhood of $30,000 to remove one pump,” Guillot said.

He said grinder pumps costs $1,000 each. To get that price the board has to  purchase the pumps in lots of 10.

Guillot said the grinder pumps are not cost effective. They require employees to check them every day to make sure they are operating correctly.

He said wear and tear due to usage and other factors determine the pumps’ life expectancy.

“Someone flushed a pair of jeans and burned one (pump)  up,” Guillot said. “It costs about $700 to rebuild one and $1,000 to replace one.”

Nick Wolfe, sewer supervisor, said the board is looking to replace the 13 grinder pumps  and run new pipe to each of the homes the pumps serve, and implement a gravity system by running a line from the homes to a collection spot off W.Va. 26.

Guillot said there are more grinder pumps located off Miller Road. He said the board is getting an estimate on  how much it will cost   to remove these pumps also.

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