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Reedsville Council candidate filing period opens

REEDSVILLE — Candidate forms for the Reedsville town election can be picked up at town hall through Saturday.

Mayor Jason Titus said the forms must be returned with a notarized signature. The town holds a general election every four years.

Construction on the basketball court located in the Reedsville Park is underway.

Titus said some trees are being removed to make space for the 50-foot court. He said so far four trees have been removed and three additional, larger trees might have to be taken down, too.

Titus told council town attorney Mark Gaydos is working with the Fox-Murray family attorney to transfer ownership of the 2.1 acres of property the family donated to the town.

The property borders the Reedsville Cemetery and is both woodland and grassland.

The Reedsville Cemetery is located off the Kingwood Pike. The lower section (below the road) is known as Morgan Memorial Park Cemetery.

In other business, Councilwoman Renee Stone suggested the two town clerks return to work in their office. The clerks have been working from home due to COVID and the small space they must work in.

When at their desks they are less then the six feet apart suggested as safe distancing by health officials.

Stone said the two town maintenance workers are at work every day. She said the clerks should be working at town hall.

“All of the (clerks’) work is getting done,” Titus said. “And they schedule time to pick up anything that comes in. The only thing lacking is they are not in the office five days a week.”

Councilman Greg Burke said the town maintenance workers are not riding together in the same truck.

“Maybe we can have one person per week come in,” the mayor said.

Stone said both should be working in the office.

“The fly in the ointment is they don’t want to wear masks,” she said. “You have to wear them everywhere. The school is getting ready to go back into session.”

Councilwoman Britney Titus said she had no problem with the clerks going back to work at the office if they want to.

“If it’s safer at home and they get their work done I’m OK with that too,” she said.

Burke said the town employees who take care of the sewer plant are considered essential, as is their job. He said he is concerned about another upswing in COVID cases following the Christmas holiday.

“I believe the office should stay closed for a few more weeks,” he said. “I was down at the hospital and it is full. I’ll make a motion to keep it closed for a while.”

Stone interrupted.

“Define for a while,” she said. “I believe it’s on the 15th when the teachers go back. So let’s set a hypothetical date.”

The Preston BOE voted Monday to keep students out of schools until Feb. 8, despite the governor’s order to return those in eighth grade and under Jan. 19.

“Let them stay home and we’ll revisit next meeting,” Britney Titus said.

“I feel like I’m dealing with attorneys not council members,” Stone said. “People drop by and no one is there (town hall). Why not one person one week and another person the next week? Give them some Clorox and wipes.”

No action was taken. Further discussion was tabled until the next meeting.

Council went into executive session to discuss personnel.

The next meeting of the Reedsville Council will be 6:30 p.m. Jan. 25.