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Clay-Battelle runner Chase Ammons signs LOI with West Liberty

BLACKSVILLE, W.Va. – A history-making career at Clay-Battelle is coming to a close, but a collegiate career is soon to be born – now that Chase Ammons has signed his letter of intent to run cross country and track and field at West Liberty. 

“I really like West Lib because I was looking for a school with a small-town aspect, and it reminded me of home when I went there,” Ammons said. 

Ammons was the first runner to qualify for the state meet out of C-B, and a year later he led his entire team to its first state meet berth. Further, he’s established himself as a leader among Cee-Bee runners, whether in the midst of a 5K or in the track lanes. 

“I started running when I was in middle school and stuck with it clear through,” Ammons recollected. “Then in high school, I was three-time all region in cross country, and I qualified for states three times. I was the first individual from my school to qualify, which was huge for our community. Then the next year, our whole team got to go and I was proud to be a part of that. Then in track, I qualified for states two times in the 800-meter and once in the 1,600-meter.” 

Ammons was unable to compete in his junior track season due to the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down state athletics. Should that not have happened, it’s likely he would have been able to tack on a few more track accomplishments. A theme during the pandemic was staying in shape, and Ammons was able to do that with a strict regimen he’s built for himself as a multi-sport athlete. Like his sister, Liv, and cousin, Kaitlyn, Ammons hits the pine in the winter. Though his passion lies with running, basketball keeps him in shape throughout the winter. 

“I’m constantly moving and during basketball season it’s a different kind of training, but I’m still doing something,” he said. “I’m always staying in shape or getting ready for the next sport.” 

While an athlete’s skill is paramount in moving to the next level, a true athlete is both talented and a leader. This is something Ammons embodies.

“In practice when people are struggling you have to help them, give them support, talk to them. Say, ‘Hey, you can do this. Keep pushing through it, you’ll make it,’” Ammons said. 

He’s coachable, too, noting he has a great relationship with his coaches. When asked about C-B cross country coach Justin Allar, Ammons said, “He’s been there the whole time. I couldn’t have done this without him and the community. He’s been there and has helped me tremendously, anything I need he’s there to help.” 

Moving forward, Ammons doesn’t know what to expect but he hopes to hit the ground running and be a great addition to the Hilltoppers. As a member of the track team, he’ll likely specialize in the 800- and 1,600-meter. He’s undecided on his major at the moment but noted he will study either biology or pre-med. 

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