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MUB recipient of Encova’s annual Safety Recognition Award

Encova Insurance has recognized Morgantown Utility Board with its annual Safety Recognition Award for ongoing commitment to maintaining a safe workplace.

“At MUB, safety is something we stress in everything we do. We have an entire team dedicated to safety training, the development and improvement of safety related policies, and to ensuring policies are followed. Safety is always our number one priority,” said MUB General Manager Tim Ball.

According to Encova Insurance Senior Safety and Loss Control Consultant Ty Bradley, the award reflects well on the culture of safety that exists at MUB.

“What MUB does that makes a huge difference is maintain a strong partnership with the Encova team. MUB involves us in their safety program, soliciting guidance on safety protocols and assistance with training” Bradley said.

“Encova Insurance provides what we call the Roadmap to Safety Success. MUB practices this roadmap, and as a result, has experienced considerable success in demonstrating their commitment to staff safety,” he added.

Ball said that receiving this award during a pandemic makes it that much more rewarding.

“You toss in the fact that our staff are working in a COVID-19 environment, and weight is added to this award. It speaks volumes of not only our staff’s commitment to safety but of their overall professionalism. This is another example of why MUB is an industry leader. Our staff are second to none,” Ball said.

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