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Letters to Santa 2020

Every year, The Dominion Post sends requests to schools across the region for children to write letters to Santa. Below are all the letters submitted this year!

The letters are grouped by school and then class, where the information was available. We hope these letters spread some of their youthful holiday cheer to all that read. Enjoy!

<strong><em>Ms. Cline</em> </strong><br>Aurora, 3rd Grade

<strong><em>Ms. Jones</em></strong><br>Skyview Elementary, 3rd Grade

<strong><em>Ms. Cumberledge</em></strong><br>Skyview Elementary

<strong><em>Ms. Harbour</em></strong><br>Skyview Elementary, 2nd grade

<strong><em>Mrs. Jessie Hart ​</em></strong><br>Terra Alta 

<strong><em>Mrs. Smith</em></strong><br>Mylan Park Elementary, Grade: 3

<strong><em>Mrs. Pizatella</em></strong><br>Mylan Park Elementary, Grade: 1