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Judge denies motion for home confinement

Man burglarized home after owner was murdered

A motion to modify the sentence of a man who helped a murderer steal from her victim’s home was denied  Thursday.

Judge Phillip Gaujot denied the motion for home confinement or to run the sentences of Glenn Weaver, 28, concurrently.

Gaujot said he understands Weaver’s wife might  have a hard time making ends meet, but that Weaver was involved in an incident in which a popular person in the community was killed, for no reason, causing a great loss to the family and community.

He recalled hearing about Weaver’s actions at the trial of Elizabeth Chinn, who murdered Timothy Pahl, 67, after he came home and found her in his house. After she killed him, Chinn brought Weaver to the house, where he helped burglarize it.

“Although you were under the influence at that point, your conduct after that event brought you into the awful crime itself,” Gaujot said. “And there needs to be punishment for that.”

Weaver testified against Chinn, who is serving life in prison without parole.

In August, Gaujot sentenced Weaver to 1-15 years in prison for burglary, 1-5 years for conspiracy to commit burglary,

 1-10 years for grand larceny and 1-5 years for conspiracy to commit grand larceny. The two conspiracy charges are running concurrently with their greater related charges, and the two types of crimes are running consecutively.

Weaver is being held in North Central Regional Jail.

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