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Reedsville Cemetery could gain ground

REEDSVILLE — The Reedsville Cemetery could have a 2.1-acre addition.

At its Monday meeting Mayor Jason Titus told Reedsville Council members the Fox-Murray family offered to donate the land to the town.

He said the property bordered the cemetery and is both woodland and grassland. The portion bordering the cemetery is grass.

Reedsville Cemetery is located off Kingwood Pike. The lower section (below the road) is known as Morgan Memorial Park Cemetery.

The family contacted Reedsville’s attorney, Mark Gaydos.

“He contacted me and asked if we would be interested,” Titus said. “It wouldn’t require much maintenance for the town but some additional mowing.”

Titus said the cemetery fund is dwindling and the property would allow opening more plots.

“We have a limited amount of money that comes in for the cemetery,” he said. “We were looking to get letters out to see if we could get more money for upkeep.”

Councilwoman Renee Stone said the town should research whether the cemetery is a town cemetery or a family cemetery. She said if it’s a family cemetery only family members can be buried in it.

“Cemeteries are hinky,” Stone said. “We need to research it. It could be we could make some money for the cemetery.”

Council voted to have its attorney research the cemetery and accept the donated property.

After a lengthy discussion council members also voted to put a line item in its budget for the purchase of tools.

The discussion centered around the purchase of a concrete cart and saw, and some miscellaneous tools. Council voted to buy a gas-powered concrete cart and saw for $1,545.

“I’m not talking about $1,500 in tools,” Stone said. “I’m talking about three grand. i don’t want them (town employees) to come back in six months for another $1,500.”

“When we put up Christmas lights I brought my own equipment to work with. That’s hot electric,” Councilman Greg Burke said.

Titus agreed.

“There’s multiple times we go back to my garage and to Greg’s for tools; $1,500 doesn’t get it all,” he said.

“What if they go out without the right tools to put up lights?” Councilwoman Britney Titus said. “Think of the problems we’ll have if someone is killed.”

“They [town employees] have a blank check,” Stone said. “We bought a leaf blower and chopper for $750 and it doesn’t do what we thought it would do.”

“It works,” Burke said. “It doesn’t pick up when the leaves are wet. If they are dry it works fine.”

“It rained twice,” Britney Titus said. “They were putting up a door and doing things you wanted. It was a judgment call.”

“Before a decision is made maybe we should talk to people who have used the stuff. Like the flag pole, there was no forethought put into it,” Stone said. “Go on line and look it up. Tell us what you need and what you want to buy.”

“Maybe we should budget in a tool allotment,” Britney Titus said.

Stone said she would agree to that.

Titus said he would have the town clerk research where the addition to the budget could be made.

Council also discussed the addition of a half-sized basketball court to the park. The current court has space for only one ring. Council wants to expand the size so another ring can be added.

Titus said he believes the project would cost about $15,000. He said it would involve removing some trees and the purchase of poles and concrete.

“We’ve talked about the construction,” he said. “We might want to do it on our own.” No other action was taken.

In other business, council voted to give employees Christmas Eve as a paid holiday. The next meeting of Reedsville Council will be 6:30 p.m. Jan 11.