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Westover Council discusses dangerous intersection

Westover Council member Ralph Mullins wants something to be done about what he called the town’s most dangerous intersection.

At Monday’s council meeting, Mullins asked about finding a way to slow down drivers turning off West Main onto Holland Avenue. Mullins said he’s raised the issue at least a half-dozen times over the year and that sooner or later, there’s going to be a serious accident.

The problem, Mullins said, is that people blow past the stop sign without realizing   River Street is located to the right — hidden behind a three-story building, which makes it a dangerous blind turn. A mirror was installed some time ago, however, it wasn’t secured properly and doesn’t work right.

West Main enters onto Holland at the insurance agency and just above River Street. Both are just above the sharp curve bringing traffic from Morgantown into Westover.

“Something has to be done about people flying down the hill,” he said.

On another topic, Mullins also said he’s noticed a lot of people not wearing  masks at Lowe’s and asked Police Chief Joe Adams what could be done about enforcing the city’s ordinance on the issue.

Adams said he recently heard of the issue with Lowe’s not requiring masks and needed to speak with the city’s attorney, Tim Stranko, for clarity on the issue. Stranko said businesses were  supposed to call 911 for people who refused to wear  masks and refused to leave. He said they could then be cited for trespassing.

After the meeting, Stranko and Adams discussed working with the Monongalia County Health Department on the issue.

Council also approved a pay raise for employees, purchased a 2005 Sterling dump truck for $32,000, a trailer for $9,199 and accepted the only bid for the annual budget audit.

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