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Council discusses demolition of old bank building

Purchase of snow plow voted on

REEDSVILLE —  The  demolition of the old bank building was once again a topic of discussion at  Reedsville Council.

The building sits on the corner of W.Va. 92 and  Kingwood Pike.

Earlier, council discussed having town attorney Mark Gaydos contact the owner of the property and ask  if he is going to tear it down or make improvements to it. Council also discussed asking Gaydos about its concerns and what legal rights the town would have going forward with demolition.

Ownership had previously been a question but was clarified  from tax records. Council said the only deed  for the property is a quick-claim deed. According to council members, West Virginia law does not require a deed to be recorded.

On Monday, council voted to  discuss possible demolition and other options with Litter Control Officer Jay Sowers and the Preston County Commission.

It was noted that an asbestos test will have to be done before the building can be demolished.

Following a discussion about the purchase of a new snow plow for the town, Councilman Scott Williams made a motion to purchase an eight-foot retractable, 10-foot expanded plow with forward-pitched wings from Sunset Outdoors at Cheat Lake.  The motion  passed.

John Williams of Grace Excavating requested information for a bid on the park basketball court. The project will include tree removal, pouring concrete, installation of hoops and painting of courts.

The next meeting of  Reedsville Council will be 6:30 p.m. Nov. 23.

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