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Kidfo Halloween Art

Kids from all around the area sent us their spooktacular Halloween art.

Check out the paper later this week to see how your friends and neighbors, and their four-legged friends, dressed up for Halloween.

Lily McVey, Age 11, Mountaineer Middle School
Alaina Gialone, Fifth grade
Zahra Ali Abbas, Third Grade, Cheat Lake Elementary
Theo Zegre, Kindergarten
Genevieve Taylor, Age 8, Lubeck Elementary
Cora Rogers, Age 7, Ridgedale Elementary
John Tetrick, Age 8, Brookhaven Elementary
Jackson Mayfield, Second Grade, Mylan Park Elementary
Cora Rogers, Second Grade, Ridgedale Elementary
Brooke Burkovich, First Grade, Ridgedale Elementary
Colette Zegre, Third Grade
Aiden Lipscomb, Third Grade
Ella Moorehead, Fifth Grade
Nicholas Deem, Age 10
Dylan, Morgantown Early Learning Facility
Lilly, Morgantown Early Learning Facility
Natalie, Morgantown Early Learning Facility
Maya S., Sixth Grade