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Reedsville Council debates equipment purchase

REEDSVILLE — A discussion erupted about the purchase of an $8,000 roller needed for road repair at Reedsville Council Monday evening.

Councilman Greg Burke told council the roller is needed to repair gravel roads and do other needed street related work.

Councilwoman Renee Stone disagreed.

“There are other things we need to spend money on other than equipment,” she said. “I’ve heard residents say patch a hole, not fix a street.”

Mayor Jason Titus said fix a street and patch a hole means the same thing to him. “We can buy equipment and maintain the gravel roads,” he said.

“I’m just saying other things in town need done, like the sidewalks,” Stone replied.

The discussion then turned to dilapidated buildings.

“That’s a good idea,” Stone said. “Everything can’t be equipment.”

“It has to be on equipment if we are to get things done we need to do,” Titus said.

“I talked to [Preston County Litter Officer] Jay Sowers and the way he explained it there is money for dilapidated buildings,” Burke said. “He told me he has a sizable amount of money for litter control.”

Titus said he doesn’t believe there are currently grants available for building removal.

“We can’t wait for grants,” Stone said. “What about the county commission? Can we go to the commission without Sowers?” she asked.

No further action was taken.

A request made by the town for a hidden driveway sign for 159 Kingwood St. was denied by the state.

“A change in the road manual states the sign cannot be installed by the state or the town. They provide a false sense of security to the home owner,” Recorder Sandy Kisner read from the agenda.

Titus said the residents could put a sign or something up on their property indicating a hidden driveway.

In other business, Titus said WoodmenLife is currently closed due to COVID-19. He said once the organization returns to its regular schedule it will donate a flag pole to the town. He said the pole will hold two flags.

“Their only stipulation is that one of them must be the American Flag,” Titus said. “The other flag can be any we choose.”

According to its web site, WoodmenLife donates flags and flagpoles to nonprofit organizations, schools and communities nationwide.

Council went into executive session to discuss personnel.

The next meeting of Reedsville Council will be 6:30 p.m. Oct. 26.