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Judge denies request to lower bond in murder case

A judge declined to reduce bond for a man accused of shooting his fiancee in the head during an argument.

 The September 2020 Monongalia County grand jury indicted Travis Anderson, 34, of Core, on first-degree murder.

He is charged in the June 3  shooting of his fiancée, Jane Wynette Sharak, 42, who later died of her wounds.

Anderson appeared by video before Monongalia County Circuit Court Judge Phillip Gaujot for an arraignment and bond reduction hearing on Thursday.

Defense attorney Lance Rollo asked Gaujot to reduce Anderson’s bond to $100,000 and said he could post property to cover most of that cost. Anderson has been in North Central Regional Jail since June 4 on $250,000 bond.

Rollo said he didn’t want to get into the details, but in conversations with his client, the shooting   appeared to be an accident and not premeditated.

Prosecutor Perri DeChristopher asked that Anderson be denied bond.

She argued the $250,000 bond was for wanton endangerment, which is what Anderson was arrested and charged with before Sharak died of her wounds.

DeChristopher said the grand jury and investigation found Anderson committed first-degree murder and asked that, similar to other defendants facing that charge in the county, bond not be reduced.

Gaujot decided to keep the bond at $250,000.

Anderson pleaded not guilty during his arraignment.

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