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Reedsville offered donation of flagpole and flag

REEDSVILLE — Reedsville Council could receive a donated flagpole and flag.

Councilman Greg Burke said Susan Beerbower of WoodmenLife has offered to donate a 25-foot flagpole and a flag to the town.

He said the only stipulation mentioned was that someone representing the town be on the site when the flagpole is put in.

According to its web site, WoodmenLife donates flags and flagpoles to nonprofit organizations, schools and communities nationwide.

At a previous meeting council discussed buying a new flagpole that would allow it to fly two flags and have a pulley system.

Council voted to have Mayor Jason Titus contact Beerbower and find out if the pole will fit their needs.

Councilwoman Renee Stone questioned the purchase of a leaf vac by a town employee. A leaf vac sucks leaves and debris into a chute and deposits it into a hopper.

“He (the employee) buys a lot of tools and brings them in to use at work,” Burke said.

He said the employee purchased the leaf vac for $700.

“I think he should be reimbursed for it,” Burke said.

Mayor Titus agreed. He said the town intended to buy a leaf vac.

“I have no problem with reimbursing him for it as long as he gives us a bill of sale,” he said.

After further discussion, council voted to reimburse the $700.

Also discussed was lease purchasing equipment.

Burke said he talked with a representative from Country Roads Leasing, of Bridgeport, and thought leasing to own “was the way to go” when purchasing equipment.

“If we purchase the equipment then send the information to them they will cut a check and we will have the money back in our account,” he said.

Council voted to accept lease purchasing if the terms and interest is acceptable.

In other business council voted to:

  • request the Department of Transportation put a hidden driveway sign at the house across from the Hospice Care Thrift Shop on W.Va. 7.
  • hold trick-or-treat 5-6:30 p.m. Oct. 31. Those wishing to participate must have their porch lights on.
  • contact Charlotte Doman and let her know based on previous legal research the town cannot turn over the utility easement between her two properties to her.
  • approve a building permit for Reedsville Carwash but must clarify the water filtation portion of the permit before that work can be done.

The next meeting of Reedsville Council will be 6:30 p.m. Oct. 12.