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Star City Farmers Market

Weekly event finds big success along the river

By Olivia Murray

STAR CITY — Farm fresh produce, artisan-made products and locally made food are in high demand in Star City. 

Since the start of the Star City Farmers Market  Aug. 14, the town has experienced significant turnouts and gained a wait-list of vendors who want to be part of the weekly event.

The weekly market is open  from 3-8 p.m. each Friday at Edith Barill  Riverfront Park.

There were about 18 vendors at the first farmers market, held at the waterfront, and an estimated 500 attendees showed up to take advantage of the fresh produce, crafts and food trucks   the event offered, according to Star City councilman Todd Gregg.

“There’s something there for everyone,” said Gregg.

 Gregg said  the  market has been in the works among the council since  last spring. 

“[It was] something we discussed last year,”  Gregg said. “We wanted to utilize the park we have.” 

With the recent installation of a new pavilion at the park in Star City, council finally had an opportunity to put  plans into action.

“[We were wondering], what can we do to draw people in [to Star City], to show how the town has grown over the last 5, 6 years?” Gregg said.

Currently, 28 vendors  make regular appearances at the  market.

There are 10 more on a wait list.

 “[We have] vendors coming over two hours to participate in this,”  Gregg said.

The newest addition to the  market, introduced last Friday, is a fresh seafood truck called Dock to Table. Gregg said  the truck brings in fresh seafood from the Chesapeake area.

 “[It] sold out the first week,”  Gregg said.

“We hope to continue this through October,” he said.

The councilman said the   plan is to turn the farmers market into a “fall fest” once fresh produce is scarce or becomes unavailable with the changing seasons.

Additionally, Gregg said  the  market is handicap-accessible, with parking  available directly on the riverfront and a golf cart offered for transportation for those who are unable to secure a nearby parking spot.

“We’re just getting a lot of good, positive feedback,”  Gregg said. 

With  fairs and festivals shut down as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Gregg encourages people to check out the farmers market.

 “It has really just taken off,” he said. 

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