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Reedsville VFD receives $1,132 donation

Captain: Money to go towards cost of new equipment, expenses

REEDSVILLE —  The Reedsville Volunteer Fire Department  received a $1,132 donation  from CGP Foods of Belington on Wednesday.

The money was raised  through a fundraiser held by the Reedsville Shop ’n Save.

“I believe it’s wonderful, given the times we are in, that local businesses reach out to help,” Captain Shaun Lambert said.

He said money from the fundraiser would go to help with the cost of equipment and expenses.

Raising money has been difficult for most of the county’s VFDs this year.

Due to declining tax revenues, the Preston County Commission cut its annual donation of $2,250 to the county’s 12 volunteer fire departments from its 2020-21 budget.

Another blow came when COVID-19 led   local VFDs to cancel most or all of their fundraisers.

In an earlier interview, Scott Spiker, chief of the Reedsville VFD, said that department canceled its two largest fundraisers,  a May gun bash and the Valley District Fair.

“We have no fundraisers planned,” he said. “We’ve cut all of our spending except utilities and equipment, as needed.”

In the past, money from those   fundraisers  helped pay bills and buy or update  equipment.

“We are very grateful that local businesses and the public cares enough about what we do to help us out,” Lambert said.

Shop ’n Save Manager Roger Bolyard said the money was raised by donation purchases of $1 support cards.

“With the new COVID precautions, our local Reedsville volunteer Fire Department has been forced to cancel their two major fundraisers for the 2020 year and several small fundraisers,” a sign at the store read. “The fundraisers are essential in maintaining training, equipment and general utilities to serve our community. Together with your support we can help make a difference.  Help us show support for our local RVFD (Reedsville Volunteer Fire Department) by donation purchase of our support cards. Each card is $1 but more is always welcome.”

Bolyard said he would like to thank the employees for the tremendous job they did raising funds for the VFD.

He said Kathy Sheets and Sherea Bolyard were the two top fundraisers. Each received a $10 gift card.

Anyone interested in joining the Reedsville VFD can go to or reedsville.firedept

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