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Council awaits approval from property owner

REEDSVILLE — Reedsville Council members are waiting for a lease purchase agreement to be approved by the owner of the property beside town hall.

During a special meeting in June, council unanimously voted to purchase the roughly one-quarter- to one-half-acre of property at 215 S. Robert Stone Way and the parcel next to it toward the S turn. 

Council originally sought a loan for the property but could not procure the loan, because it would not be paid off by the end of current members’ terms in office.

According to the agreement, prepared by Steven N. Royce of Steptoe & Johnson in Morgantown, the town would make a down payment of $25,000 and then pay $585 per month for three years. 

The agreement would be renewable yearly. This would allow newly elected council members to decide if they wanted to continue the agreement.

In other business, council members voted to check prices on a new 20-foot  flagpole and pulley system. 

Councilwoman Renee Stone said she did not believe the current flagpole could  hold the  addition of a West Virginia State Flag.

Other council members agreed.

Councilman Greg Burke said Hannah Electric in Newburg has completed the  electrical work in town hall.  The cost of labor and materials was $3,000.

 The next meeting of the Reedsville council will be 6:30 p.m. Sept. 14.

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