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Humane Society hosts Krispy Kreme doughnut fundraiser

KINGWOOD —  Having a healthy, happy pet is important.

However due to an injury or health problem a pet might have to wear a pet cone to keep them from licking wounds or reaching their back or belly with their mouth.

Deb Corley, president of the Preston County Humane Society and Alix Evans, director of the Spay/Neuter program came up with a novel idea to replace the cones.

They make  pet collars out of socks filled with soft material and fastened with Velcro.

The sock collars allow the dog or cat to eat and drink easier than they can with the plastic cone. It is also more comfortable.

Although they don’t sell the collars,  Evans said anyone who wants to know how to make one for their pet can call her at  304-329-3644.

The number for the spay and neuter program has changed.  Corley said anyone interested in the spay and neuter program can call 304-435-1808 and leave a message. She said it’s important the caller listen to the entire message about the program before hanging up.

In other news the results of a recent election is as follows:  Deb Corley, president; Sheila Williams, vice president; Debbie DeLauder, treasurer, Melissa Conway, secretary; and Alix Evans, director of the spay and neuter program.

For those with a sweet tooth the Preston County Humane Society will be selling Krispy Kreme Doughnuts from  Sept. 1 to  Oct. 9. Contact members to place an order.

The next meeting of the Preston County Humane Society will be  5 p.m. Sept. 10 at the Fraternal Order of Eagles pavilion. in case of rain it will be moved to  the Raymond Wolfe Center.

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