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Library to be featured on Channel 15

The Morgantown Public Library System  announces a weekly program called “Library Spotlight,” which will be aired on Morgantown Channel 15, the local Government Access Television Channel operated by the City of Morgantown. 

The show will feature virtual story times, crafts and book club meetings, giving viewers a glimpse into the Morgantown Public Library System and the varied programs and services offered there.

Starting Wednesday, new episodes will air at 10 a.m.  Tuesdays with reruns at noon  Saturday and Sunday.

While the library is working to reopen its buildings, it may be some time before it can host large-scale events. Following social distancing recommendations and supporting family learning from home, the library is committed to providing safe access to its services and materials.

“The ‘Library Spotlight’ is one more way to connect staff and patrons to continue to build our community of readers,” said Sarah Palfrey, director of the Morgantown Public Library System.

Library staff are particularly excited about the Summer Reading Program, which kicked off   June 22. In past years, this program sees some of the library’s highest attendance numbers.

Due to social distancing measures, this year’s Summer Reading Program will be moved onto the library’s digital platforms. Through Morgantown 15 you will be able to view many of the program’s challenges, crafts and events.

Each week’s video will feature area librarians, including Sharon Summers, a retired kindergarten teacher with more than 30 years of experience or Colleen Caldwell, who has a big story time following at Cheat Area Public Library.

Morgantown 15 is available on COMCAST Xfinity Channel 15 and 1084. You can also now live stream Morgantown 15 on the internet through the City of Morgantown’s web streaming service.

Residents can watch live and replayed meetings, notices of local government sponsored events, public service announcements and meeting times on the Community Bulletin Board.

The mission of Morgantown 15 is to make local government more accessible to the residents of Morgantown. By providing a direct link between the local government and its residents,

Morgantown 15 informs and educates the public on the functions of the municipal government.

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