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Republic brings in additional support to correct missed and delayed Morgantown service

Republic Services says it has brought in “additional support” in an attempt to correct missed and delayed service in Morgantown.

The company, which has an exclusive contract to collect trash and recycling within the city through 2022, didn’t elaborate on what’s causing the delays.

The issue has been raised multiple times by members of Morgantown City Council, most recently 4th Ward Councilor Jenny Selin.

“I have once again been getting emails and calls about our trash service,” Selin said. “Someone said their recycling hasn’t been picked up for four weeks. If there’s a problem because you don’t have enough employees because of COVID, I understand. It just needs to be taken care of.”

Throughout its relationship with the city, the service provided by Republic has been a reoccurring topic of discussion as members of council field complaints from annoyed rate payers.

Selin raised the issue last April as well, explaining she’d “had enough,” and noting any delays during the week ultimately ends up playing havoc in the wards with Friday pickups.

According to the city’s contract with the hauler, the city manager has the authority to determine, “in the exercise of reasonable discretion,” when penalties are justified.

The contract stipulated Republic create an evergreen penalty account in which it maintains $5,000 for that purpose.

It states penalties are to be imposed as a “last resort” after notice of noncompliance and a failure to correct the issue within 72 hours of receiving notice.

The penalties range from $50 for failure to pick up trash or recycling within one business day of notification to $500 for missing service for an entire block (one side of one street).

On Oct. 1, 2019 — the start of year three of the current deal, which was signed in 2018 but backdated to 2017 — Republic’s monthly rates jumped from $17.64 to $18.17. Rates will climb to $18.72 later this year and $19.28 in year five.

According to Republic Services Media Relations, the company is committed to improving service and eliminating delays.

“We have brought in additional support to correct service irregularities, and to maintain consistent service going forward. We appreciate the opportunity to serve Morgantown, and we thank the city and its residents for their patience as we get back on schedule. Republic Services encourages customers to call us with any concerns.”

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