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Injured bartender sues The Bank for not protecting her during a fight between customers

A bartender contends she was permanently injured during a fight between customers and is suing the bar in downtown Morgantown for failing to protect her.

Kailee Fessock, a West Virginia University student and bartender at The Bank, 344 High, was injured on April 5, 2019, according to the suit.

Fessock is seeking damages to compensate her for injuries and damages, attorney fees, interest and other costs.

The Bank could not be reached for comment. It’s listed phone number had a full voice mailbox and two calls on Thursday were not answered.

She was injured on a Friday night when a large crowd was anticipated at the bar. The Bank failed to use and comply with a crowd management plan to insure her safety and that of the patrons, and security personnel were not stationed throughout the crowd to identify disruptive, unruly and inebriated patrons, according to the suit.

A fight between customers started about 1 a.m., one of whom threw a beer bottle that hit Fessock in the face and caused severe and permanent injuries, the suit said.

Fessock has suffered pain, mental anguish, doctor and hospital bills, loss of ability to enjoy life, post-traumatic stress, facial scarring and disruption to her college education, according to the suit.

The suit was filed in Monongalia County Circuit Court on Wednesday.

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