Senate invokes cloture 80-17, will vote on Great American Outdoors Act within a week

WASHINGTON – By a count of 80-17, the U.S. Senate invoked cloture and will move to consider the Great American Outdoors Act, Sen. Joe Machin’s (D-W.Va.) landmark legislation. 

The vote followed comments by multiple senators, including Manchin, which began at 3:20 p.m. and lasted until 5:35 p.m. when the vote was taken. 

In March, Manchin introduced this bipartisan legislation that provides mandatory permanent and full funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund and addresses the $21 billion maintenance backlog in national parks and other federal land management agencies. The overwhelming vote, which easily passed the three-fifths majority mark, is a major step forward in getting the GAOA to President Donald Trump’s desk. The legislation has Trump’s blessing. 

“The Great American Outdoors Act will create jobs while protecting and expanding access to the great outdoors across our country for everyone, whether that be hunting, fishing, or hiking in the Monongahela National Forest or rafting down the Gauley River, just to give a few examples from my home state of West Virginia,” Manchin said“We have broad bipartisan support with 60 Senators signing on, which is representative of how important this bill is to every state. This is a shining example of Democrats and Republicans coming together to put politics aside to do what is best for conserving the natural resources of this great nation. Passage of this bill will be a historic achievement, and I believe this will be one of the most significant conservation bills ever enacted into law. I urge all of my colleagues to join me in voting yes to invoke cloture and begin consideration of the Great American Outdoors Act.”

A vote to pass the bill is expected for Monday. 

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