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DOH springs into paving across West Virginia


The West Virginia Department of Transportation’s spring paving program is underway, with projects ongoing or planned in all 55 West Virginia counties.

“With asphalt plants now open and the maintenance and prep work continuing to lay the foundation, our crews are turning their attention to paving,” said Secretary of Transportation Byrd White.

“In addition to our $140 million regular paving program for 2020, we provided an additional boost of money to each district for use on projects that will be completed by the end of June,” said Deputy Secretary of Transportation Jimmy Wriston. “West Virginians will see paving in every single one of our counties very soon. Employees are also being trained on our new pavers, so citizens can expect to see those out and about in the very near future as well.”

The Division of Highways is set to ditch, patch and stabilize a combined 56,000 miles in 2020, necessary preparations for 416 resurfacing projects covering over 650 miles by the end of this year.

To view the 2020 Core Maintenance Plan and Project Data as well as the WVDOT interactive map, citizens are encouraged to visit the WVDOT website, www.transportation.

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