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WV House of Delegates: 53rd District

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Republican D.R. “Buck” Jennings is unopposed in the primary election for delegate from the 53rd District. Information on him will be included in the general election The Dominion Post Voter’s Guide. Democrat Candi Sisler has withdrawn from the race, but her name will still be on the ballot.


Candi Sisler has withdrawn from the race, but her name will still be on the ballot.

Cory Chase  headshot
Cory Chase

Cory Chase 

Age:  36

 Residence:  Dryfork,  Tucker County 

Education:  Tucker County High School, 2001 Cayce/Reilly School of Massotherapy, 2002 B.S. liberal arts and sciences from WVU in 2009, ​Magna Cum Laude 

Political and civic experience:  Tucker County Development Authority Board member; Davis Renaissance Group, treasurer; Mountain Laurel Learning Cooperative Fundraising Committee. 

Professional experience:  Licensed Massage Therapist and small business owner since 2003. Currently working as the project coordinator for Heart of the Highlands Trail System. Born and raised on a cattle farm. Have had various jobs in restaurants, retail, spas, painting, farmwork, summer camps and teaching skiing.  

Campaign statement:  I am running for the West Virginia House of Delegates to represent the people of Preston and Tucker counties, and I’m joining over

 90-plus other candidates from across the state who have taken the West Virginia Can’t Wait pledge: I won’t take corporate cash; I will stand with working people;  I will never hide from a debate;  I will do the work;  I won’t blame people who are struggling with their pain.  Learn more: ​www.ChaseForWV.com 

Top priorities:  Fight corruption: Regulate lobbyists, prosecute political crime, get big money out of politics.
End the addiction crisis: Stop pill mills, provide real recovery options, let adults use cannabis.
Invest in West Virginia: Fix our roads and fund rural schools, shrink the wealth inequality gap, provide childcare for West Virginia families.
Health care freedom: Help seniors and control ripoff drug prices; single-payer health care saves taxpayer money.
I hunt and own guns: Defend Second Amendment and responsible gun owners.