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WV House of Delegates: 52nd District

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Justin Hough headshot
Justin Hough

Justin Hough

Age: 34

Residence: Kingwood

Education: Master’s of education, Fairmont State; B.S. in journalism, WVU; educational leadership, Salem University.

Political and civic experience: Candidate in 2018.  Although I do not have previous political experience, the experience throughout my life and careers have outfitted my toolbox with the necessary tools to work with our citizens and lead our county and state. 

Professional experience: The following are my job titles/descriptions, but more importantly I am a devoted husband and loving father, a friend and leader to those I work with, and a caring neighbor: PK-8 school administrator, principal at Terra Alta East Preston School, Preston County; former special education teacher, Preston High School; 17-year member and veteran still serving in the West Virginia Army National Guard, Public Affairs NCO, former Military Police.

Campaign statement: I am running to represent you, the people, in District 52 in the West Virginia House of Delegates. I am passionate about our communities, county and state, and want to do my part to keep us great. We’ll do that through transparency, proven leadership, investing in our people and local business, and ensuring that we promote the interests of Preston County and West Virginia and not outside establishments. My family and I thank you for your support.

Top priorities:  

1. Invest in our state and our people; prevent population decrease in our state (10,000-15,000 per year) by investing in small businesses (tax breaks too small, local businesses, not out of state millionaires and billionaires) and incentives to attract business opportunities.

2. Roads.

3. Tax breaks for our seniors.

4. Opioid epidemic.

5. Support for proper public education reform developed by educators, not politicians.

6. Fiscal responsibility, investing in people, rather than handouts and bailouts.

Stormy Matlick headshot
Stormy Matlick

Stormy Matlick

Age: 42

Residence: Tunnelton

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services.

Political and civic experience: None.

Professional Experience: Student Support Specialist, Preston County Schools.

Campaign statement: I am ready to be the voice of those who don’t feel like they have one. I will be the change we need to see. In order to see change, we must initiate it.

Top priorities: Roads, education, welfare reform, drug epidemic.

Robert “Mac” McCrum
Robert “Mac” McCrum

Robert “Mac” McCrum

Age: 76

Residence:  Kingwood

Education: Graduated Kingwood High, 1961; Fairmont State, A.B., 1964; WVU, M.A., 1968; M.A. plus 45, 1969; with additional hours to M.A., plus 90.

Political and civic experience: Preston County Board of Education, more than 13 years; president of both Bruceton and Kingwood Lions Clubs; Court Appointed Special Advocate for children in the foster care system; Vietnam veteran; VFW; American Legion, Commander;  announcer for the parades of the Buckwheat Festival for five years.

Professional experience:  Teacher or principal  at Albright, Reedsville, Masontown, Bruceton, Kingwood, Newburg, Terra Alta, Rowlesburg and Valley. Since 2003, I have been substituting in Monongalia and Preston counties.

Campaign statement: I left the BOE because too many decisions are being made by unelected  bureaucrats. As teacher and principal, I listened to people — their thoughts and concerns. I may not always agree with what you say or want, but I promise your voice will be heard. That is the way that I was raised by Mary Elizabeth and Britches McCrum and how Jackie and I raised Beth, Rachel and Brent.                                    

Top priorities:

(1)    I will be a voice and vote for the people of Preston County.

 (2)   Our secondary roads need work, too. District road people seem to make most of their decisions without talking to the people who travel these roads. Let’s stop this.

(3) Our schools need to provide opportunities for kids statewide to get job skills –— welding, machine repair, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, etc., so they don’t have to go to a four-year college to get a good job.

Terri Funk Sypolt headshot
Terri Funk Sypolt

Terri Funk Sypolt

Age: 66

Residence:  Kingwood

Education: Newburg High School, 1971; Fairmont State University, Leadership and Management; Licensed Real Estate Agent (inactive); IAAO courses, and appraisal courses by the State Tax Department.

Political and Civic Experience: Political — four years West Virginia state delegate, 16 years as Preston County Assessor (total 38 years in the assessor’s office). Civic — Member of the Kingwood Lions Club, previous Valley District Lions Club member, member of Gladesville CEO’s, member of Preston County and West Virginia Farm Bureau, charter member of the Preston County FFA Alumni, member of Preston County Chamber of Commerce  and former Board Member, member of the NRA, Mountaineer Friends of the NRA and the WVCDL.

Campaign Statement:  I believe we should  open a meeting with prayer and the pledge; allow God in our schools, where teachers should be allowed to teach; work and support our family and our parents, seniors, veterans and first responders; be able to own a gun to protect our family and property. I don’t believe that we should kill unborn babies. And guys dressed as females shouldn’t be allowed in bathrooms with little girls. That is just wrong. 

Top priorities:  Continue to make West Virginia a better place to live, work and raise a family.  Roads are a top priority. Working together we can make “Randy’s Dream” come true.  

Continue to help citizens get back to work.  I truly believe that financial problems are a big contributing factor in a failing marriage.  When unemployed and low self-esteem people turn to alcohol, drugs and violence,  that turns into unsafe conditions for children and expands our foster care programs.


Democrat Junior “JR” Wolfe is unopposed in the primary election for delegate from the 52nd District. Information on him will be included in the general election The Dominion Post Voter Guide.