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WV House of Delegates: 50th District

Elect three


Republicans Phil Mallow, Darton McIntire and Guy Ward are unopposed in the primary election for delegates from the 50th District. Information on them will be included in the general election The Dominion Post Voter’s Guide. 

Phil Mallow headshot
Phil Mallow

Phil Mallow 

Age: 62 

Residence: Fairmont 

Education: Graduate of Allegany College, Cumberland, Md.

Political and civic experience: I have never held political office. I organize and hold a conservative luncheon in Marion County every Wednesday to keep the citizens up-to-date on political issues. I am a member of the NRA and support the West Virginia Citizens Defense League. I am a member of the Marion County Farm Bureau and the Marion County Republican Committee. I was a Republican delegate for President Trump at the 2018 GOP national convention representing West Virginia.

Professional experience: Retired from UPS management, 36 years.

Campaign statement: My slogan is “Stand up for your country.” I strongly encourage all West Virginians to “learn the issues, ask questions and expect more from your elected officials.”

Top priorities: 1. Improve the business atmosphere to attract jobs to our state. 2. Better utilize our natural and mineral resources. 3. Get the people more informed and more involved in our political decisions. 4. Develop a viable plan to repair, improve and maintain our state’s road system. 5. Improve education through accountability and merit-based compensation.

Guy Ward headshot
Guy Ward

Guy Ward

Age: 64

Residence: White Hall

Education: Graduated from Grafton High School, earned an Associate of Applied Science degree from Fairmont State University.

Political and civic experience: Appointed to the Marion County Commission in 2012 for one year to fulfill an unexpired term; was the mayor of the Town of White Hall for six years, 2013 to 2019; served in the West Virginia House of Delegates  2017 to 2018.

Professional experience: With over 33 years of service, I took an early retirement in 2011 as a material analyst for Allegheny Energy, now First Energy. After retirement, I was employed for about two years at the Fairmont Community Development Partnership as the operations/projects manager, which is a nonprofit organization that provides low- to moderate-income housing.

Campaign statement: When it comes to politics, I’m a Marion Countian first, a West Virginian second, an American third and a Republican fourth. I’m a Republican because the Republican Party best represents my conservative values. However, unlike a lot of politicians, party is not a big deciding factor in how I vote. I value the opinions of my constituents highly and I listen to them. During the session my door was always open to them at the Capitol.

Top priorities: I plan to pick up where I left off. I will continue to fight to protect our Second Amendment rights and for the rights of the unborn. I will continue to sponsor bills that address drug addiction, help our veterans, increase gas and oil production, protect our coal industry, create jobs and improve public safety. I will continue to press for legislation to fund major road projects and that will improve our educational system.


Democrats Michael Angelucci, Jon Dodds, Jarryd Powell and C.A. Starcher did not respond.

Joey Garcia headshot
Joey Garcia

Joey Garcia

Age:  37

Residence:  Fairmont

Education:  J.D., West Virginia University College of Law; B.A., History, West Virginia University; Fairmont Senior High School graduate.

Political and civic experience:  Board Member, Marion County Chamber of Commerce, 2020-present; treasurer, Fairmont Marion County Regional Airport Authority, 2019-present; member, Fairmont Lions Club, 2019-present; chair, West Virginia Juvenile Justice Reform Oversight Committee, 2015-2018; member (designee), West Virginia Consolidated Public Retirement Board, 2013-2015.

Professional experience:  Worked as an attorney for over 10 years.  From 2012 to 2017,  worked in the office of the governor of West Virginia, including serving as deputy general legal counsel and legislative director to Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin.  Since 2017, practiced law at the Manchin Injury Law Group in Fairmont, representing individuals as a trial lawyer in personal injury, civil rights and consumer protection cases.

Campaign statement:  I am running for the West Virginia House of Delegates to put families first and make sure Marion County will always be a great place to live, work and raise a family.   

Top priorities:  I will fight to bring more high quality jobs to Marion County, ensure access to quality health care for all Marion County residents, and support measures that invest in Marion County’s future. I will advocate for investing in our public school teachers and service personnel, our local higher education institutions (WVU, Fairmont State University and Pierpont CTC) and our secondary roads and broadband infrastructure.

Aryanna Islam headshot
Aryanna Islam

Aryanna Islam 

Age: 20 

Residence: Fairmont 

Education: East Fairmont High School, 2018; West Virginia University 2022, political science and addiction studies. 

Political and civic experience: Member of WVU Democrats; United States Senate Page, 2017; intern for Sen. Joe Manchin, 2019; West Virginia House intern, 2020. 

Professional experience: Current college student. 

Campaign statement: West Virginia’s beauty is not only in its mountains, streams and valleys but also in its people. We have a long labor history, whether that be coal miner unions, teacher unions or all the strikes in between. That is what makes us who we are and I want to make sure we don’t lose that special quality. I am running so young people like me are able to stay here and build a life. 

Top priorities: Protecting the public education system and teacher unionization rights, alleviating the addiction crisis by focusing on the most vulnerable populations and assessing what they need and elevating the economy by supporting small businesses instead of giving tax breaks to big corporations. Also shifting our state government from bowing down to outside interests, like ALEC, and instead investing in our own people.

Andrew Mills

Andrew Mills 

Age: 41 

Residence: Carolina 

Education: Graduated Hampshire High School, attended Potomac State College and Fairmont State University, completed basic training at Fort Sill and AIT at Redstone Arsenal in 1997. Completed the State Police Academy Basic Class 155 in 2013.

Political and civic experience: Volunteer and advocate for The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention; help organize and run the annual Morgantown Community Out of the Darkness Walk, which raises funding for suicide prevention programs such as Safe TALK, ASIST training, as well as other programs throughout the state.

Professional experience: Over 23 years of military experience with the U.S. Army Reserves which includes four deployments to: Afghanistan, 2002; Iraq,  2008; Afghanistan, 2011; and again in 2015. Performed several duties overseas, including squad leader, accountable officer and NCOIC, handling thousands of civilian contractors. Retired on Jan. 14, 2020, with rank of Staff Sargent. Attended the State Police Academy Class 155. Joined WVU Police Department in 2012 and Fairmont State University Police in 2018.

Campaign statement: I live by the values of honesty and integrity. I have always lived to help and protect others, and I will continue to do it as your delegate. I know when to listen, when to negotiate and reason and when to fight. I never fight as hard as when I’m fighting to protect others. As your delegate, I promise to always fight for you, the working families of Marion County, and never take a corporate donation.

Top priorities: Jobs, roads, education and the opioid crisis. Create jobs by taking tax breaks given to out-of-state corporations and give them to local businesses. Repeal Right to Work, putting West Virginians to work on our infrastructure with good union jobs. Make education the priority and bring respect back to educators. Use cannabis legalization to fully fund PEIA. Fight the opioid crisis by listening to those on the front line fighting this epidemic every day.

Ronald J. Straight  headshot
Ronald J. Straight

Ronald J. Straight 

Age: 68 

Residence: Fairmont 

Education: East Fairmont High School, Fairmont State College, WVU, Leadership Marion. 

Political and civic experience: Served on Fairmont City Council for 24 years, including four years as mayor of Fairmont; current vice chairman and member of Fairmont Planning and Zoning Commission (past chairman); current board member of Family Resource Network; former board member of Fairmont General Hospital; former board member of West Virginia Municipal League; Meals on Wheels, delivers meals; Vietnam Era veteran. 

Professional experience: Current safety manager Dave Stanley Consultants; worked in mining industry for 30-plus years. 

Campaign statement: More jobs and business opportunities have always been included in my priorities, but, the long-term effects of the coronavirus on the economy makes these priorities even more important now. Jobs, businesses and training will help address homelessness and the drug epidemic as well. Increasing teachers’ salaries helps in attracting and keeping highly qualified public-school teachers in West Virginia. Creation of jobs will lead to an influx of families in our state, thus increasing student population.

Top priorities: In addition, I want to be a voice for our veterans in Charleston.

Stephanie Tomana headshot
Stephanie Tomana

Stephanie Tomana 

Age: 42 

Residence: IdaMay 

Education: I am a graduate of North Marion High and have earned degrees and certifications in the sciences and secondary education from West Virginia University as well as Fairmont State. 

Political and civic experience: As an active advocate for children and the underprivileged, I have spent much of my life working diligently throughout our community, earning a reputation of respect and trust not only as a teacher in the classroom but as a coach, coordinator, mentor and volunteer. I am a firm believer in the statement that “if serving is below you, leadership is beyond you.” 

Professional experience: I am a veteran teacher of 16 years, having taught in the parochial Catholic school system, secondary public education system and post-secondary education as an adjunct instructor. While completing my high school and collegiate education, I worked as a Nationally Certified Pharmacy Technician first in the private sector and then at West Virginia University Hospitals. Currently I am employed by the Marion County Board of Education as a science teacher at West Fairmont Middle. 

Campaign statement: It is undeniable that we are at a crucial moment in time for West Virginia and our future. No one has been left untouched by our drug epidemic, foster care crisis, runaway poverty, crumbling infrastructure or stagnant growth. I believe it is well past time for meaningful solutions to our most critical problems and past time to set divisive, partisan politics aside for common sense, accountable government. It is time to put West Virginians first.

Top priorities: West Virginians first: Prioritizing infrastructure repairs and broadband/cellular service expansion to rural areas. Strengthening local municipality emergency services and outreach.

Protecting our future: First-class education reform driven by teachers, parents, and students. Reform and expansion of meaningful substance abuse, mental health and family services.

Providing opportunity and protecting our workforce: Expanding vocational opportunities and workforce training initiatives. Restoring fair labor practices and safety protections. Supporting small business growth and development.