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Monongalia County Sheriff


John Kisner Headshot
John N. Kisner

John N. Kisner

Age:  65

Residence:   Westover

Education:  University High School graduate, with some college.

Political and civic experience:  No political experience outside of running a campaign for sheriff in 2016. 

 While working at Monongalia County Sheriff’s office, I interacted with many civic organizations as a representative of our sheriff’s department. I was deeply involved in our county schools as an SRO/PRO at all levels. As a deputy/police officer I interacted with many citizens. Each of these interactions I view as civic experience.

Professional experience: Thirty-eight years in law enforcement, 25 years with Monongalia County Sheriff’s Department. Deputy chief for Westover Police Department. First DARE officer in Monongalia County. I have worked at 

10 different law enforcement agencies. My experience ranges from agencies with two officers up to 800 officers. I have experience in the area of implementing policy and procedure for law enforcement. I have overseen and supervised federal level protective forces.

Campaign statement:  It’s all about “quality of life” in our county.  I believe in a strong, educated public as it relates to your constitutional rights.   I believe in a strong and educated law enforcement presence. I believe in transparency. I believe in accountability.  Currently we do not have any of the above in the sheriff’s department.  If you believe these things, then vote for me and watch the change.

Top priorities:  Efficiency: We do not need more; we must do better with what we have. Accountability: Citizens can hold me to account for all actions of this department.  Transparency: Citizens will be able to question what we do and how we do it.  And this will be accomplished by setting up a Citizens Review Board to ensure we are meeting the needs of our citizens. Actively pursue all illegal drug activity in our neighborhoods and countywide.

Perry Palmer 2020

Perry Palmer 

Age: 60 

Residence: Morgantown 

Education: St. Francis High School, West Virginia State Police Academy.

Political and civic experience: Vice president, West Virginia Sheriffs Association; board member, Coordinating Council on Homelessness; CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate); MECCA 911 Policy Board since 2013; Monongalia County Sheriff’s Association since 1991; West Virginia Deputy Sheriff’s Association since 1991; team member, Sarah’s Table, Knights of Columbus, St. John University Parish. 

Professional experience: Prior to being elected sheriff of Monongalia County in 2016, I had been a leader in the Monongalia Sheriff’s Department since I began my career in 1991. I was appointed to chief deputy in 2012. In addition to the responsibility for 100-plus employees, I oversee the preparation and administration of budgets in excess of $7 million for the six divisions within the sheriff’s office and serve as treasurer of Monongalia County.

Campaign statement: It has been my life’s honor to serve as your sheriff for these past three years. Monongalia County is my home and my heart. I respectfully request your vote in May. I wake up every day excited and committed to working hard for our citizens. I am doing everything possible to keep Monongalia County safe. I have worked hard, and I am proud of what my colleagues and I have accomplished. 

Top priorities: Monongalia County is experiencing significant growth and prosperity. With that increased growth comes increased crime. I have been on the front lines of fighting crime and keeping our community safe since 1991. As sheriff, I will keep Monongalia County safe. I will continue to  work with every agency to keep our community drug-free. As sheriff, I have done everything possible to keep drugs out of our community and away from our kids.

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