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Reedsville Town Hall to open to the public Tuesday

REEDSVILLE — Reedsville Town Hall will be open to the public beginning Tuesday.

That was announced at this week’s council meeting.

Mayor Jason Titus said for the first week, business will be conducted through the front window “to see how things go.”

He said the town currently does not have masks and protective items for the office staff.

Councilwoman Renee Stone said once town hall is open to the public, only two customers should be allowed inside at a time.

During an earlier discussion, Councilwoman Britney Titus said if the office is opened Tuesday, both the public and town employees should be required to wear masks and observe social distancing.

The first open council meeting is scheduled to be held on June 8.

In other discussions, Mayor Titus said a resident on Robert Stone Way cleaned enough stuff out of the carport to get a second car inside.

“They covered the other items that were stored there, so a fine was not imposed,” he said.

“I hope the town officer keeps an eye on those folks,” Renee Stone said.

“If he does he has to keep an eye on everyone in town,” Recorder Sandy Kisner replied.

At an earlier meeting, council took a phone vote to give the residents an additional 10 days to clean up their property and their porch.

Officer Paul Rowan will be at the next meeting with city attorney Mark Gaydos to hear what can be done in the future, Titus said, referring to possibly amending the town litter ordinance.

In other business, the mayor said Donna Wine, owner of Hannah Electric in Newburg, contracted to wire town hall.

Titus said Wine gave a bid of $3,000 to $3,500 to do the work. He said the bid includes the cost of both labor and materials.

Council voted to get prices for two wood picnic tables for the lower park and a metal one for the upper park. Town workers are also wiring the park pavilion and adding lighting.

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