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Preston County Sheriff’s Dept. wants to take possession of cash, drugs, 16 guns and body armor related to drug crimes

KINGWOOD — The Preston Sheriff’s Department wants to take possession of cash, drugs, 16 guns and body armor found in a Masontown home last year when they served a search warrant.

The petition for forfeiture was filed on behalf of the department in Preston Circuit Court by Preston Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Megan Allender.

It relates to a Dec. 13, 2019, search of David Wayne Gamble’s home. Gamble was indicted by the Preston County Grand Jury in March on charges of delivering methamphetamine, cocaine and fentanyl.

“The property sought to be forfeited … was equipment used in illegal drug trafficking, i.e., the accused used firearms to facilitate the delivery of controlled substances, while in his home,” according to the petition.

In addition to the guns, during the search police found $3,177 and 27.95 grams of meth, which they also want forfeited, drug paraphernalia, packaging material and scale.

If the petition is granted, state law requires the money be used to pay court fees related to the petition, with the rest going to the sheriff’s department and prosecutor’s office.

Preston Chief Deputy P.A. “Moe” Pritt said the department will use the money for ongoing drug investigations. The drugs will be destroyed, once the court grants an order.

As for the guns, “if it’s something the agency could use, we may keep some,” and the rest would be taken to a licensed firearms dealer to trade for weapons the department could use.

Included in the seizure were shotguns, a Smith & Wesson AR 15, pistols and rifles.

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