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Mon County Health Department lifts limitations placed on alcohol sales

Limitations on the sale of alcohol in Monongalia County were lifted Thursday by the health department.

In early April the Monongalia County Health Department limited the sale of some spirits and hard liquor to protect residents of
Mon County and West Virginia, executive director and county health officer Dr. Lee Smith said.

That order, which restricted sales to only people with West Virginia, student, residential or military identification and put limits on how much could be bought, are gone.

Smith said people have done their part in keeping Monongalia County’s rate of infection low.

Businesses are encouraged to keep following precautions because COVID-19 is still a serious infectious disease that is highly communicable and causes significant health problems, Smith said.

More than 93,000 people had died of the disease as of Friday afternoon, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Precautions for businesses and individuals include:

-Maintaining six feet between customers and staff at all times, using floor markings or tape at registers and where people congregate;

-Allowing no more than two customers per 1,000 square feet during business hours;

-Providing hand-washing stations, especially at places where paper or other items are exchanged;

-Frequently wiping down surfaces people commonly touch with 10% bleach solution or other CDC approved cleaner;

-Wearing a mask and staying home when ill.