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Lefty’s Place reopens to offer curb side service

Lefty’s Place, one of the Morgantown area’s most popular pizza restaurants, is back in business a year after their previous Walnut Street location was damaged by an allegedly intoxicated tenant who lived above the business.

The pizzeria, known for its Detroit-style pizza, a rectangular pie with a thick crust that is crispy on the bottom, is now located at 503 Burroughs Street in Suite 102. Like most local restaurants, Lefty’s is only offering curb side service — until the state lifts more of its COVID-19 restrictions.

“We plan on holding off on full service for a while, we’re not sure for how long though,” said Tricia Kinnie, who along with her husband, Amel Morris, own Lefty’s. “We are currently just selling our Detroit-style pizza and some salads. Once we open up for dine-in service, we’ll offer our full menu. And since it’s just the two of us for now, we’re doing limited hours, 3 to 9 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday. We’ll revisit that when we open for dine-in and make changes as we see fit.”

Lefty’s initially planned to re-open in September, but those plans changed mostly because the Burroughs Street space was not configured for a restaurant. It made renovations take longer.

Lefty’s Place is known for their Detroit-style pizza.

“It was a lot harder to build out the kitchen than we had originally anticipated,” Kinnie said. “We didn’t do a lot with our time off besides designing the new location, working on the new menu and things like that. We definitely spent more time with our family. We took a couple of trips, nothing major.”

The restaurant, which has sold out of its pizza on several occasions since re-opening earlier this month, is also known locally for its chicken wings. Sandwiches may also become part of the menu when Lefty’s is fully opened.

“We’re so relieved to finally be opened,” said Kinnie, adding the time off made her realize the restaurant is her passion. “It’s been so nice seeing our regulars.”

“I can’t imagine doing anything else.”

Dave Gorman, a regular Lefty’s customer, who now considers Amel and Tricia his friends, couldn’t be happier to see the pizzeria open.

“It’s a little slice of heaven on a plate,” Gorman said. “I plan to order from them Saturday.”

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