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Reedsville Council votes to tentatively reopen town hall to the public on May 26

REEDSVILLE — Reedsville Council voted to tentatively reopen town hall to the public on May 26, and the first open council meeting will be held on June 8.

Before making a decision, council discussed the pros and cons of reopening town hall to the public.

Councilwoman Renee Stone said town hall has been closed to the public for two months and it’s time to open the doors.

“The men have been working,” she said about town maintenance and sewer employees. “The women are working too,” Recorder Sandy Kisner said about the two office employees who are working from home.

At an earlier meeting, council said water bills and other business requests could be either mailed, emailed or left in the drop box at town hall.

“I believe we should stay closed for at least another two weeks,” Councilman Greg Burke cautioned. “They (medical experts) are saying this (COVID-19) is going to flair up again.”

Kisner agreed. She said grocery stores, pharmacies and some other businesses are staying open only because they are considered essential. Stone said she believes council should schedule a definite date to reopen town hall.

“I understand there is some inconvenience,” she said. “People can’t come in and lollygag. They need to do their business and be on their way.”

Councilwoman Britney Titus said if the office is opened on May 26 only one or two people should be allowed in town hall at a time. She said the public and employees should also be required to wear masks and observe social distancing.

In other business, council:

-voted to make it a policy that the town will install a 15-inch culvert purchased by residents.

-agreed, but did not vote, to postpone the toucha truck event until September. Britney Titus said postponing the event would allow flyers to be sent home with children returning to school. She said it would allow time to make sure the event will be safe for children to attend.

-unanimously voted to hire Donna Wine, a Newburg electrician, to wire town hall. Titus said Wine gave a verbal bid of $3,000 to $3,500 to do the work. He said the bid includes the cost of materials.

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