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Preston High School (PHS) holds first virtual prom Saturday

KINGWOOD — Preston High School (PHS) will hold it’s first virtual prom Saturday.

Becky Jones, PHS prom coordinator and photographer, said the event will be 8 – 10 p.m.

“Junior and senior students were invited with an all-call from the high school to sign up through a free registration form on my Facebook page,” Jones said. “A code will be emailed to them the night of the prom.”

Cortez Hairston, who is known as DJ Strizy from Spinnin’ Ain’t Easy, will offer the free virtual prom from the basement of his home in Morgantown.

“I’ve been a DJ for 20 years. This is the first time I’ve seen entertainment shut down,” he said. “Everything I saw was for older people and nothing for the teens. So I thought I would do something for them. They are shut in too.”

Jones said Hairston fixed up an area with a background and all sorts of lights and lasers. She said he has a smoke machine, which enhances the effects of the lasers, and the area is being decorated reminiscent of a high school prom.

“His turn tables are set to go.   He will be streaming a variety of music through a channel he joined and he even purchased a special app so that, with a code, the students can text their pictures to the chat room,” she said. “Anyone can go to Twitch TV and watch but cannot send pictures without the code.”

Hairston said as far as music goes there will be something for everyone but the focus will be on the students.

“If this works I’m getting ready for East and West Fairmont Middle Schools,” he said.

Hairston said anyone who wishes to donate to help with the projects can do so the night of the prom by clicking on the links at the bottom of the screen.

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