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Questionnaire: How has COVID-19 changed your priorities?

In the days, weeks and months since the coronavirus made its way to our shores, life in the United States has changed in ways many of us could not have imagined.

Mass layoffs, furloughs, and work-from-home orders have kept many of us from heading out to our jobs every day. Many others have been asked to work harder than ever and put themselves at risk daily — from first responders to health care workers, to the people who stock our grocery shelves, ring up our necessities and deliver our mail.

The pandemic has put on hold things that many of us took for granted only earlier this year — going to church, spending time with our extended family and friends, going to the movies, eating at restaurants, attending concerts, or going to school.

And in the process, some people believe it’s made them look at their lives a bit differently, to take stock of what’s really important in terms of their happiness and health.

The Dominion Post would love to hear whether the threat of COVID-19 has changed your perspective, your lifestyle, or your values.