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Mother’s Day ideas to show you care while keeping COVID-19 guidelines in mind

Mother’s Day is upon us.

Traditionally, we spend the Sunday holiday dedicated to honoring moms by eating brunch out at restaurants, taking in a show, touring a museum or visiting Mom for a weekend.

We might wander through public gardens, treat mom to a concert, or go out to a fancy dinner.

This year, with COVID-19 concerns heavy in the air, many businesses closed, events canceled and a Safer At Home order urging us to stay in, things are surely a bit different.

But that doesn’t mean we take this year off. Just as our mothers are constantly finding new ways to say, “I love you,” so too must we put the effort in. It’s time to get creative, to say “I love you, too, even if we can’t be together today.”

In an effort to come up with some ideas to celebrate Mom while still practicing physical distancing, The Dominion Post took some inspiration from the day itself and put a little list together.

Maybe one of these will help you find a way to let your mother know you appreciate her — even if it has to be from afar.

M: Make believe together. Call your Mom, ask her where she’d like to go. Talk about your dream mother-son/mother-daughter vacation. Imagine what you’d wear, what you’d eat, what sights you’d see. Talk about the places she’s always wanted to visit, the things she’d love to do. Visualize them together. Look up flights, photos, tours. Make an itinerary just for fun — or, for someday.

O: Offer to come by and do outdoor chores for her — mow the lawn, weed the garden, plant some pretty flowers, or run the errands she needs.

T: Take photos of yourself at her favorite places around town and text them to her throughout the day, saying, “Wish you were here.”

H: Host a zoom get-together with the whole family. Plan a theme around your mother’s favorite TV show, movie, book, character or pastime. Wear costumes, hats, whatever makes it most fun.

E: Eat a meal together long-distance. Make the same thing at your respective homes, then meet up for dinner online. You could even cook it together over Facetime. Or, to give her the day off from cooking, have the same meal delivered to both of your homes, and enjoy it together during a video chat.

R: Record yourself reading your mom’s favorite poetry or passages from her favorite books, or quotes about motherhood. Send it to her via text or email so she can save and listen to them whenever she needs a boost.

S: (Window) shop together online. Get dressed up and, while on video chat, go to the most expensive stores and pick out her favorite, most outlandish, over-the-top items. Sit down for tea together afterward and talk about your new pretend purchases. Imagine scenarios when you’d wear them or use them. Or, if you’d prefer, visit her real-life favorite websites and offer to treat her to the gift of her choice.

D: Drive by her house with homemade signs, honk the horn, cheer, throw roses in the yard. Decorate her mailbox with homemade streamers, ribbon, flowers or notes. Drop some cookies, candy or cupcakes off in the box.

A: Ask her to start a new hobby together. You’ll have to get creative in the time of social distancing. But you could read the same books and discuss them or select a knitting project to complete at the same time. Order the same paint-by-number, coloring book or dress pattern and compare notes on your progress. The sky’s the limit.

Y: You. Whether you do any, all or none of these things today, the most important thing to her is you. So make yourself available, not just on Mother’s Day, but every day. Don’t hang up first when you chat. Make plans to get together when things are safer and keep them. Tell her the things you appreciate about her as a mother, but also as a friend, a woman, a worker. Give her your time, your energy and your effort.

That’s what really makes for a happy Mother’s Day.

To all the moms out there, we wish you a safe, healthy and joyous

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