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Local man concerned ATI Industries are lowering property values

REEDSVILLE — ATI Industries was once again a topic of discussion at the Monday meeting of the Reedsville Council.

Local businessman Kevin Mayor told council he is concerned about a home he owns on Hemlock Lane. Mayor said he believes his property value has gone down because of a local business.

“Basically, people are trying to devaluate it because of the business down below,” Mayor said referring to ATI Industries. “Potential buyers say they don’t want to pass that place.”

At an October 2018 meeting council heard complaints from residents of Brandon Acres about loud noise, loud music and foul language. At that time Nathaniel Mayor, owner of ATI Industries, said he would try to limit the noise from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. He said the loader is turned off at 7 p.m. even if his crew works later to complete a job.

Kevin Mayor is Nathaniel Mayor’s father.

Kevin Mayor asked council its position on the industrial site and questioned why an industrial site was allowed to be placed on commercial property.

Reedsville Mayor Jason Titus said town attorney Mark E. Gaydos verified the lot purchased by the company is commercial property. The town does not have a zoning ordinance.

“He (Gaydos) said as long as they (ATI Industries) comply with town ordinances we have to let it stay,” Titus said. “He said if the residents of Brandon Acres or Hemlock Lane want to pursue it further and file suit they can. We hoped they would move the pipe part of their business to the industrial park, but I haven’t seen that happen yet.”

Kevin Mayor told council other residents who live near the business asked if he would join them in pursuing a solution to the problem.

“At this point I have to say absolutely when it ruins potential property value,” he said.

In an unrelated complaint about traffic on W.Va. 7, Kevin Mayor said he was approached by several people who voiced concern about heavy equipment crossing W.Va. 7. He said there are also concerns about trucks crossing the road and delaying traffic.

“I haven’t heard any concerns,” Titus said about the heavy equipment and trucks crossing W.Va. 7. “But from seeing it, I do have questions about the legality.”

He said he would look into the complaints.

In other business, Councilwoman Britney Titus said she would like to have two new hoops for the basketball court, one fixed and one flexible so children of all ages could use the court.

“We could expand the court a few feet each way,” she said. “When the bad spot on the court is ground down we could add more concrete and make it larger.”

Jason Titus said he doesn’t want the court to go another year and not be in shape for children to play on it. The discussion was tabled until council members could meet at the site and determine what needs to be done.

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